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Effortless Extensions Video Gallery

Behind the Scenes with Dream Extension's "Effortless Extensions"

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Check out what the professionals have to say about our Hair Extension products!

How to Put in your Effortless Extensions

See how easy it is to put in your Effortless Extensions! It takes less then a minute!

Wondering how sturdy they are?

We get often asked if our extension will slip off. Well here is your answer!

Styling Tips

Here you can see how you can flat iron and curl your Effortless Extensions.

How To Ponytail Hair Extensions: Effortlessly!

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Our models show you how easy it is to set a ponytail!

Fine or Thin Hair? See how easy you can get thicker hair with volume!

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See how adding two Effortless Extensions dramatically can change your appearance!

See how easy it is!

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Here you will see the model using our "Effortless Extensions Flare"

Hair Extensions for Curly Hair: FEELsoREAL Synthetic Yaki

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Have curly hair? No problem! See how easy it is to add our extension.

Dream Extension's "Effortless Extensions" Bodywave Style.

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Our model show you how you in matter of seconds can get supermodel hair!

Already have long hair? Add volume and color with Effortless Extensions.

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If you already have long hair you can use our extension to add volume and to add some color stripes to your own hair.

Dream Extension for Coarse Hair: FEELsoREAL Yaki Synthetic

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